FREE TO RUN - trailer for BTB promotion only, for the purpose of funding the film, no download allowed. The rights for the archives have not yet been cleared. All rights reserved.

A feature length documentary project
Directed by Pierre Morath
Coproduced by Yuzu productions (France) - Fabrice Esteve & Christian Popp
and Point Prod (Switzerland) - Jean-Marc Frohle
and Eklektik (Belgium) - Marie Besson
in collaboration with Trilogy Films (USA) - Dawn Porter

They fought prejudices and sport federations for one simple right: running freely. The revolution these men and women launched in the late 1960’s changed not only the athletics but also our society.

From the streets of New York to the trails of the Swiss Alps, from Sao Paulo to London or Paris… champions and ordinary persons… every year millions of people are running. Strangely, 50 years ago this activity was the exclusive privilege of an elite of athletes, only men, only in stadiums. Conservative sports federations and Olympic authorities made the rules. Running was even considered unhealthy... FREE TO RUN tells the extraordinary story of the free running movement over the last 50 year featuring its heroes – the stars and the anonymous, men and women who ran for freedom.

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