Quick effects operators:

* A couple of operators to quickly create effects that would otherwise take some time to set up.
* Nice to use for demoing functionality or as a starting point for more complex effects.
* "Make Fur" - Gives every selected mesh object particle fur with a desired density and length.
* "Make Smoke" - Makes each selected object a smoke emitter and creates a new domain object around the emitters with the correct material to render the smoke. ** Has style options for "stream": constant smoke flow, "puff": only create smoke once from the volume of the emitter object, "fire": enable high resolution smoke and set a secondary fire color texture for the domain object.
* "Make Fluid" - Makes every selected object a fluid object (normal/inflow) and has the option to start fluid baking immediately.
* This should provide a nice base for extending these / adding more operators for different effects.

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