This is a song I just wrote for a story; it's to call the Wild Hunt. As a side note, this is only the second song I've ever written in my life, and the only instrument I play is my voice. I'm pretty proud of myself, as it's not a bad song.

The season cycle of the verses starts in winter because traditionally that is when the Wild Hunt was said to be riding across the sky.

Also: yes, that is my real singing voice, that is not a falsetto.

When the moon is bright
And the night is still
And the stars shine bright and cold
When the world is new
Under cloak of snow
I call, I call, I call...

When the morning breaks
And the flowers bloom
And the world wakes up to sing
When the sun returns
From his winter sleep
I call, I call, I call...

When the day is warm
And the rain is sweet
And the fruits hang full and low
When the world is ripe
And life in prime
I call, I call, I call...

When the twilight whirls
And the woods alight
And the harvest well brought-in
When the wind is cold
Whipping through my bones
I call, I call, I call...

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