Problems facing the oceans we can and will solve with innovative solutions, IF we mobilize changemakers and ensure ALL issues find a voice. We live in a web of life with every part interdependent. Finding the unsung issues and giving them a voice is going to be the challenge we face.

Papua New Guinea, one of the least explored places on the planet, is home to rich sources of biodiversity – the stuff of life that keeps the food web alive. Biodiversity begins in the coral reefs.

All of us are aware of the threat to coral reefs from industrial exploitation. We know the seriousness of this issue in the Great Barrier Reef and around the Caribbean. However, geography has sidelined Papua New Guinea and put this island nation, its coral reefs, human inhabitants, and ultimately the rest of the world at risk.

The What Took You So Long Foundation documents unsung issues and heroes of the world. Film is a powerful tool, and individuals really can change the world. By illuminating the causal chain through visual media you can find a way to relate and a way to add your weight behind the effort.

Ok, so you can’t be a marine biologist, but perhaps you can cease investment in the industries causing the damage, or add your brand to the cause too. We say the more ambitious the better – Goldman Sachs employees signing a pledge to never buy blue fin tuna…now wouldn’t that be something.

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