The big picture versus the moment now; irony, karma (wishes forfeited by actions. Symbol for wishes: crane). Waiting to get lucky in an urban fast lane where we are told that all we need is more of everything, with no further questions asked. The "now" is like a green traffic light or dream-come-true life. Consequences of instant-gratification lifestyle (plot: a guy and three girls). Contradiction: a wish for something solid, someone to rely on in life, but acting like all you need is just temporary instant gratification in any way, as if the world or yourself won't exist tomorrow and you want to take more and give less.

In addition: an origami crane as a motive, thread interweaving the plot, in its all symbolization also embodies a warning as a message from karma and in the end affirms 'what goes around comes around' notion. Point: significance of the big picture and everything that makes us who we are, everything in life that is not only experienced in separate moments "now"; giving life a higher meaning and then returning to those special moments "now" with a sense of worthiness of what is acknowledged. [Nea Tanović]

Director, camera, editor, VFX, compositing: Fran Baća
Story, art director, assistant director: Nea Tanović
Assistant: Jesper Hedegaard Petersen
Cast: Igor Maković, Ana Nikačević, Karla Zelić, Nea Tanović
Special thanks to: Melita Sabljo

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