Live AudioReactive Visual Audibles Performance by the Chicago duo Vermontgomery, ambient b.boye on Rhodes and live MIDI sampling (Novation X-Station) & abstract:black on samples, beatbox, vox, turntable (Ms Pinky), Live, VDMX with the MPD32 and APC40 (using the APC 64-40 script found at with a Zoom Q3 perched by the projector, which was onstage between the two of us.

This set was performed 3.30.11 at Chicago's Morseland for the weekly Heartbeats Electronic Music Series- thanks to Lokua!

props to goto10 for the awesome line drawer and, later on, the random text file- dude's fresh!

audio and video drops signals the solicitation of donations for second, visuals machine only, new macbook pro...if you find a shipping container of these lovely new machines, let me know!

oh and thanks to the founders of the Untied, yes, Untied States of America for the Declaration of Independence text, it continues to solidify the hypocrisy of this so-called nation.

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