Well this is the best you can get these days, since the band called it a day in May 2008 with the resignation of Rob Younger to continue work with the latest line-up of the New Christs. It's The Deniz Tek Group playing a classic Birdman tune, "Breaks My Heart" at the front bar of the legendary Espy Hotel in the heart of St Kilda.

Deniz Tek is a singer, guitarist and songwriter and a founding member of Australian group Radio Birdman. He has played in many of the underground rock bands of the 1970s including Australian bands The Visitors, New Race and The Passengers but is most known for exerting his burning Detroit style guitar influence over the punk rock genre in Australia.

Encouraged by his friend and ex-Birdman compadre Chris Masuak, Deniz came back to Australia in 1991, intent on renewing himself musically. He began extensive touring in 1992 and, following a near career destroying disaster on the Take It To The Vertical tour of 1992 initiated a line-up that became known as The Deniz Tek Group.

Deniz's other current musical project include The Soul Movers (commenced 2008) with ex-Birdman member Pip Hoyle on keys, Andy Newman and Calvin Welch on drums with co-songwriter Lizzie Mack on vocals.

For more information about the Iceman:

The legendary aussie rock label, CITADEL RECORDS has just released a best of Deniz Tek compilation!

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