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directed, edited, written, and co-filmed by Jhameel
filmed, co-directed, and co-edited by Nikita Ahmad

How Many Lovers

is there a prospect or
is there a reason or no
my life is meaningless now i'm sure
is there a place left to go

i wanted you to need me when you made it to manhattan
call me to tell me how you love me and what happened
cry sympathetic but you didn't you're a cruel one
how many lovers have you taken

am i being crazy am i running with my instincts
gave you my trust and my money so i can't think
straight but my body tells me i should go on living
how many lovers have you taken

i should try to see this your way i should be more patient
spend my time on other things and know that you are safe and
hold my tongue when i'm feeling doubt but still i'm broken
how many lovers have you taken

are you happy are you sad or are you missing us in
west coast not the same when i'm not with my best friend
take apart my sanity and strip me of my confidence
how many lovers have you taken

you're the only one i'd ever stay with after all this nonsense maybe i should think about my health and find a new thing maybe i'm just stupid maybe i just want to be with someone that can find a way to make me daily take apart my pride and dignity is rubbish when i build it up so you can tell me all the reasons why i should feel worthless why i should just give in everything you say makes sense to me because i'm tired and i think you're better i don't even know why you would choose to stay with me when all i do is make your living that much harder do you even love me did you find another way to satisfy your needs

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