My video and film work from college 08-11.

I edited the song from about 10 minutes down to 2 and a half using Final Cut Pro.

Video Installation: Writer, Camera Editor
Moulin Rouge tribute: Pre-Production, Camera
Tears In Rain Short Film: Actor, Co-Director, Editor (including After Effects)
Howl Music Video: Writer, Camera (Exterior)
Be iSmart Short Film/Awareness Video: Extra, Graphics (won a local competition)
Bookfaced Short Film: Writer, Editor
Brymbo Choir: Camera, Editor
Everlong Live Tribute Performance: Production Stills
Llay Rural Stories Workshop, Behind The Scenes: Camera, Editor
There Is No Reset Button Anti Drink Driving Short Film: Writer, Director, Editor (Won the Regional and National Road Safety Wales 2009 competition)
Dirty Pictures Short Film: Editor, Graphics
South Africa (2010 + 2011): Camera, Editor
Mock The Buzzcocks TV show: Writer, Director, Vision Mixer, Floor Manager (Different roles over several programmes)

Music copyright Explosions In The Sky.
Song: The Only Moment We're Alone

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