Ali, is a extraordinary visionary artist who has produced a series of angelic paintings, posters and cards that are truly inspirational. Their beauty and insight are instantly apparent and powerfully recognizable. She shows original paintings and reads her poetry written on her greeting card line. Ali is also one of the loving and joyous collaborators in the International Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project.

A recent TV special called Abigail a "singing enchantress." Abigail could be described as an 18-year old visionary singer/songwriter with beautifully haunting harmonies, multi-leveled lyrics, and a beingness that embodies innocence, knowingness and her angelic presence.

Her songs contain a signature of youthfulness and lively inventiveness textured with transcendental agelessness. The combination is a power that has to be experienced. For that reason, "Bridging Heaven & Earth" has invited her many times to grace the show with her unique purity of expression.

Bridging's website is:

Bridging's International Healing Art Project website is:

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