festival sndo2 31/03 - 02/04 2011
by agata siniarska
adviced by diego agullo/ jeanine durning/ noha ramadan
thanks to diego, gosia, jeanine, katerina, lisa, marta, paz

A core for my practice was blindfolded dance, with and without a witness. My task was to follow desires, inspirations, obsessions, most ridiculous ideas, without questioning what am I doing and why, without planning, simply being playful, making myself pleasure, like a baby.
That process of almost everyday sessions in the studio iniciated the journey into my imagination, my stream of consciousness.
Another challenging point was to be without being blind in front of witnesses, trying to establish principles, conditions to access my imaginary world, staying open without literal relation to the studio space and disconnect from the meaning.

From the begining of my process I didn't want to justify the concept. I became a concept. I became a theme of this process, me as a subject, my fears in working on performance, my doubts, concerns. This is what I'm busy with now, how to challenge myself, how to feel tenderness and naivity, how to have fears and struggle with them.
I study the problem without figuring out, putting myself into questions, without trying to find a solution. In this sense I started to understand material as something intangible where I can only count on myself.
Never half a way, always 100%.

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