For many of Sydney’s (fashion) designers who have found international fame and – in some cases - fortune, the journey started somewhere along or just off Oxford Street. Some of the city’s most celebrated fashion labels surfaced for the first time at Paddington Markets, which sits at the heart of this itinerary. From design celebrities to artisan glassmakers and newcomers to the fashion fold, this walk
will introduce you to the folk for which this precinct is home, breeding ground and experimental stage.

Tours curated by: Viviane Stappmanns & Kate Rhodes
For: Object - Australian Centre for Craft & Design
Produced by: Alphabet Press

Trailers Written by: Viviane Stappmanns, Nick Maher
Narration by: Nick Maher

Editing: Viviane Stappmanns, Cameron Stevens, Sonia Rentsch
Sound Production: Nick Maher, Cameron Stevens, Simon Winkler
Interviews: Viviane Stappmanns, Eithne Owens, Fleur Watson, Sonia Rentsch, Kate Rhodes
Maps Sub-Editing: Diane Leyman

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