The documentary – made between 2005 and 2012 – offers an insight into the life of a Gypsy community in a small village in Szatmar county. The residents of the street – with the help of an American Baptist pastor were baptised by immersion seven years ago.
Has the faith brought change into their lives? Has it helped to prosper?
How persistent, how deep is their devotion to God?
Why is charisma important?
Can religion be a cohesive force in the community?
The film – among others – is looking for answers to these questions.

(In the first week of my university studies our head teacher, Tamás Almási took our group to a far-away village for team building. I began to shoot a documentary called Ammen in this village in 2005. My seven-year-long work resulted in a 50-minute film which is expected to be presented in the near future which was.)

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