This is my latest mograph (and the first full motion video) for Greek electronica musician elDot and his track External_S from his latest digital release --album among.


01. elDot :

Laskaris Sotiris (aka elDot) uses Sequencers and synthesizers in order to produce music. He performs Live Electronics using software Generators programmed by himself.

02. Layer based human activities :

Is the personal project, portfolio of John Sotiropoulos a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer based in Athens - Greece.
My purpose is to create unique artworks by using all available art creating means in any kind of format.

03. Release --info and download

elDot aka Sotiris Laskaris returns with his second album via 33 recordings, called "Among" in which he takes us through a music journey of 7 new tracks, 7 new stories accompanied with quality sounds and deep emotions. Expertly fusing electro, idm and industrial elements with chaotic pads and trippy synths, weird words and nervous breaks, eldot gives us an artistic and technically perfect music result without missing his sentimentality. The last track, "Λιμάνι [Harbour]", is a remix by the talented artist Miktek, who adds his -more deep and chaotic- style in the track.

Download full album at :

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