The Master Plan Report indicates the vision for the revival of Opera and Ataba Squares, one of Cairo’s most vital urban areas. The report has been prepared by ( Gate ) on behalf of Ministry of Culture and National Organization for Urban Harmony (NOUH).
From the Spirit of the Past gateway to the Revitalization of the Living downtown as a gateway to historical spirit and heart of Cairo city, The Opera and Ataba Squares witness prosperous urban culture. Due to an inhomogeneous prospect, an aim of development is uprising along with historic conservation of Opera and Ataba Squares> area, to be cultural, recreational, and commercial spot, retrieving the delight and pride of what used to be the “Capital of Enlightenment in the East». Since it reflects great prospect of cultural significance, the master plan report enhances development efforts that shall be applied within the the Opera and Ataba Squares’ area. In addition, it reveals historical urban environment providing such means as a central place within Greater Cairo.
(NOUH) a subordinate organization of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture is taking the lead and responsibility for the management of Cairo’s urban and architectural legacy conservation efforts.
Due to the architectural and urban value of the study area the concept of sustainability and preserving the values for generations had been determined, along with enhancing spirit and sense of civilization to such heritage. Leading to economy development, variety fields of services, as well as improvement the living conditions of inhabitants and business owners in surrounding areas.
A critical step in this process has been established in order to gain a detailed understanding of the site; the team has consulted with various local experts and stakeholders in order to utilize the Global Cairo vision through Opera and Ataba Squares in helping to launch the development objectives, and local social and economic aspirations, the process has allowed the team to define a positive framework for more detailed development and planning for such major public space in Cairo.


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