In one long take, I shoot super 8 footage of a found nudie film that is projected both on the wall, and within the LCD screen of a digital video camera. A film of a film of a video of a film ensues.

(Commissioned by The Images Festival and The One-Take Super-8 Project).

Previously screened at:
- The Images Festival (2010, Toronto, CANADA)
- San Francisco Cinematheque 50th Anniversary CROSSROADS Festival (2011, San Francisco, CA, USA)
- Artsfest Film Festival (2011, Harrisburg, PA, USA)
- Antimatter Film Festival (2011, Victoria, BC, CANADA)
- The Illinois International Film Festival (2011, Chicago, IL, USA)
- Impakt Festival (2012, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS)
- Black Maria Film Festival - DIRECTOR’S CITATION AWARD (2013, Jersey City, NJ, USA)
- Jornadas de Reapropiación (2014, Mexico City, MEXICO)

© Christine Lucy Latimer, 2010

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