We may not be able to choose all the events that impact our lives but we can choose how we think and respond to the events in our lives. It’s these choices that determine how we behave and perform. You can focus on what isn’t working, why it can’t be done, and who’s to blame, or you can focus on what is working, how it can be done, and what you want to achieve. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.
You'll learn:
• The focus of your attention and energy effects attitude and effectiveness in everything
• What you focus on determines what you see and where you end up in life
• Hope and optimism helps you overcome defeats and roadblocks
• You need a bigger "YES" to transcend petty preoccupations
• Emphasizing strengths vs. weakness improves decisions and performance
• Focusing on solutions leads to innovative problem solving
• When people are collaborative, team unity improves
• Replace "yeah but" with "what if" to inspire innovation and forward thinking

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