Until now we merely just heard from our elders, read in history and even to more saw some movies based on endearing subjects like patriotism, sacrifice for nation and the fights fought for Indepence. They incited us not for longer than a few while. Nonetheless, there have been people for whom this phantasm stayed within their blood cell and one of them is –Anna Hazaare. Ironically, most of us were unacquainted of this not less than great personality. Ever after he survived the bomb attacks while in the Indian Army, his pledge staged-managed constantly, in resurrecting a barren village into an `ideal village’ model and empowering the faceless citizen through pioneering work on Right to Information. He made a promise to himself to stay unmarried, for he could use his life in making India a better place. Another endeavor he put forth was The Lokpal Bill (Anti Corruption) and this was certainly not an easy pin to push through the board. When 42 years couldn’t make it to success , Anna got on to a –Hunger Strike until death. This is where his Gandhian thoughts played its colors. And this stiff, yet non-violent stride brought about a whole new revolution and this time we all witnessed it and participated with our hearts out. Each one of this country yet again powered together and filled in Anna’s revolution-a victory step. This is our vision in the perseverance to each voice, each candle lit, each prayer and each flag held.

Song: Whoa is me-Down with webster

Camera: canon 5d m ll and canon T2i
lenses: 50mm 1.8 and tokina 11-16 2.8
Other: Tripods and flycam nano
Special Thanks to "Oana Dragan"

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