Please see for a slightly better color graded version of this same video.

Vimeo weekend project: Looking Closer

Turning the macro lens onto Vimeo itself!

I wanted to try to give back to the community and do a different kind of macro video - one that looks at the concept of seeing itself - and one that reflects on the shared experience of this community.

Our sense of seeing is limited by borders/boundaries, and we sometimes have a choice on where these boundaries end. The macro lens can be a great tool to help us experience this.

This is in essence a tribute to some of the most memorable and emotionally driven videos posted on vimeo that I have come across.

I want to thank all of the amazing people who put together these videos and decided to share them with all of us - adding a little bit more of that magic into our lives, subtle or pronounced, it is very welcomed...

Music: Afterthoughts (ft. Lauren Edman) by Sleepthief

All footage shot with a 50mm lens using macro tubes.

Thank you to the following original videos macro filmed for this clip: "Wingsuit Basejumping" "Dear Japan" "Kuroshio Sea" "5 minutes of Syria" "NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse" "Close-up faces" "Notte Sento" "The Maestro" "Out of a Forest" "flight patterns" "Bottle" "The Lady Under the Umbrella" "Fallen" "Undercity" "Karl X Johan - Flames"

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