This is a little film I shot and edited on my IPhone 4 to see what it was capable of. The film basically shows my journey from work in the City of London to my flat in Stoke Newington- I wanted to capture as much of the interesting architecture on the way as possible.

The results are a mixed bag, but have taught me a lot when it comes to making movies on the IPhone, and I'd like to share my lessons with you:

1: I would recommend not uploading the finished product to You Tube- Vimeo may take longer, but the end results are far more clear and vivid.

2: Don't use the 8mm app- the effect looks wonderful on the phone playback, but when streamed on a site like this, occasional drops in frame rate/ jerkyness make any attempt to let the images appear 'retro' look ridiculous.

3: This sounds obvious, but always hold the phone very still when filming (the IPhone does not have an image stabiliser)- with my film, I was often walking as I shot the images, and some shots jump about a little more than I had intended. This seems to show up much more clearly when the images are exported to a computer.

4: Don't use too many shots. If you're trying anything remotely ambitious, export your footage to Final Cut and edit there, or use Mac I-Movie or Windows Movie Maker. The editing on this movie is more than a little rough, party because I used about 90 shots within the 2 min running time- this really slows down the phone's I-Movie editing app and makes editing a real chore. Also, for some reason, although I-Movie on IPhone allows you to do cross-fades, it doesn’t allow you to use the simple 'cut'. When you try to do this, the first shot will cut to black for a split-second before the next shot appears. Hopefully future software updates will fix this

5. Shooting in overcast weather always makes shots appear lifeless and dull, but this is particularly the case on the IPhone. Wait for the sun- the phone produces some rather lovely images when they're bathed in an orange glow.

6. You could just buy a proper video camera, but that would be cheating. Or something

The music used in the film is 'Can't Be Sure' by The Sundays- it was the only song in my collection that seemed to fit.

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