Choreography by Sidra Bell
Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante
Costumes: Alexandra Johnson
Commissioned and Presented by
Dance Theater Workshop

Performers: Jonathan Campbell, Austin Diaz, Caroline Kirkpatrick, Alexandra Johnson, Maud de la Purification, Kendra Samson, Zach McNally

The slick, stark tableaux of Sidra Bell's POOL and its surrealist nightscape conjures up dystopia, grotesquerie, anime, and decadence. Bell's distinctive and hyperkinetic movement vocabulary creates and deconstructs an imagined Eden and examines the suspension between Heaven and Hell, a kind of descent into darkness. Lighting designer Vincent Vigilante creates the palette for this illusory, neon, and phantasmic world, carving out sharply-delineated zones and ovular pockets of space, evocative of mirrors or exits. Each moment develops with radically different temperatures and through the principal male couple we observe breathing, sinking, floating, inhaling, gasping and ultimately surrendering.

"The worlds enacted by Sidra Bell across her expansive repertory are sumptuous facades. For Bell, every show seems to be a disappearing act behind myriad screens- garish costumes, jet-speed movements, blank stares and emptier smiles. Her performers are always self-consciously performing and her shows never forget their overdetermined status as objects of fascination and opportunities for exhibitionism. The choreographer often borrows the tropes of performance to flesh out the contours of her world, seeing the stage as if through cinematic studies of it. This is an important, if subtle, point about Bell's work -- it arrives as so many copies of itself. It draws the spectator in through its use of customary conventions, but resists delivering on these terms. Behind the curtain, there is no wizard, only more curtains to be drawn back as the spectator crawls deeper into the world this artist has shaped." -- Written by Danielle Goldman, Ryan Kelly, and Sarah Maxfield (Dance Theater Workshop 2010-2011 Writers)

Photography by Jubal Battisti

Copyright 2011, SBDNY, Inc.

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