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...Originally from Jamaica, Queens NY. Has made a name for himself as an Emcee in NY in the late 90's and early 2000's with the VJC(Vinyl Junkie Clique), & for his productions styles in L.A. 05-10'. He has been on the scene banging for all too long now. With bass heavy cuts & Chops, he was one of the featured guests to watch out for on the 08 Gilles peterson’s Beat show session, not to mention he’s featured on the acclaimed beat Dimensions Vol 2 series with honour, with a cut entitled “reigndancingwithstars”. With a solo Instrumental LP for Ramp Recordings(UK) titled "Idiot Box" and a spot on the ALL CITY 10x10 LA series, as well as a few independent releases via his Bandcamp. P.U.D.G.E. is getting back to his Emcee roots and combining his production skills & emceeing into one Exciting mash-up of a live show & a Solo LP in the making.
VJC is the Clique.

Twitter: @PUDGEmentDay Twitter
FB: PUDGE aka DeeJay Pudgemcee on FB

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