This guy felt like a total beginner compared to the other two - which just shows how unfair it is that he got through to round three and brown belt guy was wiped out in the first.

I immediately thought I was going to have an easy time as soon as he started hugging my neck. But then I thought that of the previous guy...
I use my patented "wait and he'll let go of your head technique" - despite the uncomfortable results from last time.

Once I'd fumbled my way to mount, I found my neck was just too sore to pursue the arm triangle properly - which I think is probably fair given how untidily I got there.

The thing I'm noticing by now is how I listen to the advice Hoss and Seb shout to me. It's either that they're shouting my own advice to me, or I'm a good listener. Either way, thanks chaps.

This fella was totally unhappy with the submission. You can see that it's not a full Rear Naked - it's more of a bar choke - and I think he thought I cheated a bit. To be honest, I don't know if I did or not but, in the words of the great Keith McKenzie, "a tap's a tap, mate". :~)

(I hope I didn't cheat but I reckon I'd have won this one anyway.)

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