The "Roger" spot is a second in a series of two, featuring actual Greyhound Canada employees in their real offices. The concept captured the dry humor and simple execution Commotion is known for, and enabled Greyhound to poke fun at themselves and talk to a younger audience.

In this case Vice President Roger Pike suggests ways that young people can use the bus to save money, only to be contrasted by where youth want to go and how they want to do spend their resources!

The spot featured a performance by a local band, a stadium full of Greyhound employees as extras at a hockey game, and Director Devon Bolton doing the camera work with from within the centrifuge of a whirling carnival ride.

Concept, production, and post by Commotion. Color work was done to enhance the flat, brown, corporate look desired. The series was part of an integrated national re-branding campaign called "Go Places. Go Greyhound!" also created and managed by Commotion in 2002.

DP Craig Wrobleski. Post audio Six Degrees.

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