Montage, Montage. Again. =)

Memory doors. Those that never seem to stay closed. Sometimes we think they are locked. But never quite bound tight enough in the quiet of a future that is now the present.

The older shots are processed/converted from VHS-C. All other shots with a Fujifilm S700.

Produced with Windows Movie Maker.

Music by Being Ambient Music 'Deep Mind - part 5' fused with 'Bilitis - Generique' by soprano Sarah Brightman.

The two artists are not affiliated, but I fused the two songs to extend the production legnth to include shots that otherwise would have placed the included shots and production past the legnth of the original song of choice which was 'Bilitis - Generique'. 'Deep Mind - part 5 served as an intro to extend the production time.

The ocean scenes were shot at Norman's Cay Bahamas in 2004 and the oldest building door shots in Keo, Arkansas.

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