Metalmücil was asked to open for Tender Situation at Jillian and Joel Johnson's 10th wedding anniversary party at Chair 9 in Glacier, WA. Of course we said "YES!" Metalmücil is proud to follow in the footsteps of Glacier musical giants like Midget Money and Jillian was the vocal powerhouse of that band.

The gig started somewhere around 19:45ish and there were still quite a few families with kidlets running around. You can see a fairly steady stream of them evacuating the premises once we started to play. Muahahahahahaha! After our cozy 30 minutes of noise Tender Situation took the stage and proceeded to rock the house for somewhere north of three hours. Between the pizza, beers, shots, hugs, fistfights, etc... April 10 was one of the great parties of the 10/11 season.

Metalmücil is:
Greg Bernier, guitars and vocals
Scott Peterson, bass
Tom Taylor, drums
Adam Ü, guitar and vocals

"Shit Wig"
"Whisky Missile"
"Slut Machine"
"Down By The River"
"That Guy"
"Bongo Island"
"Vicodin Valley"

All songs © Metalmücil except "Down By The River" - Neil Young.

Metalmücil graphic design by Michelle Savoie.

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