Camera: Damien Schneider & Jamie Curnock []
Music & Video editing: Damien Schneider []

Apologue’s second release comes from the label’s co-founder, Damien Schneider. Life Cycle EP delves into the concept of evolution, both within the individual tracks and their order on the EP. It pulsates with an array of living, breathing sound sculptures featuring an array of clean and distorted sounds.

The EP consists of four original artist tracks and a remix from Perc (Perc Trax). Life Cycle kicks off with “Ground”, its atmospheric and haunting pads paving the way for the drums to rise regally into the mix. “Birth” features hypnotic synth lines against an aural backdrop of evolving drums and precise percussion elements. “Swell” provides a strong incessant groove building the intensity towards “Future Two” which delivers a strong melodic element to the EP while retaining a profoundly deep and heavy groove. Rounding off Life Cycle is Perc’s remix of “Future Two”. Turning the melodic element on its head, Perc devilishly distorts and mutates sounds into an almost industrial feel, providing the instantly recognisable “Perc” sound.


Lucy, Tommy Four Seven, Peter Van Hoesen, Jori Hulkkonen, Tim Xavier, Truss, Norman Nodge, Luca Bacchetti, Angel Molina, Appleblim, Blawan, Brendon Moeller, Sian and more...


Artist/Title: Damien Schneider / Life Cycle ep
Remixer(s): Perc
Catalogue No.: APOL002
Label: Apologue
Format: MP3, WAV
Distribution: Beatport / Juno / iTunes
Release Date: April 8th, 2010

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