About this project
What is Neverstop?

Neverstop is a project that creates media and events through a process of collaborative interaction with artists and musicians around the world. The types of media produced are videos, music, sculpture, and printed materials. The process of coming together and creating the work is the main focus of the Neverstop project. The subsequent works produced serve as a starting point and the results reflect the participants, the place and the time.

The Neverstop video project is the creation of a performance that is documented in a one-shot video. The process involves finding a space through which the performance will take place and building the performance by planning the course of action as a song is performed. The routes are predetermined, as well as the contributing musicians and the subsequent musical score. The rest is left to the ambience of the street, the chance encounter with the environment. Filming continues for the entire duration of the performance, no matter what obstacles or altercations are encountered.

Why this project?

The Neverstop project seeks to connect communities through the process of working together with people where they live. Such an experience is useful in overcoming cultural and spacial boundaries. The time we spend in pre-production is where we connect: our process includes sharing food together and finding solutions to the complex situations that come up during a production. These experiences build lasting connections with people and places and create opportunities for future collaborations.
Your support

We are currently working on the production of a video to be shot in New York in late October. We are seeking funds to cover costs of production and printing of materials. Subsequent videos will be compiled and a documentary of the process produced and pressed to DVD.

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