Update 3: Got a new R/C plane. vimeo.com/28351136

Update 2: Some new great shots vimeo.com/27353534

Update: Check out an article I wrote about Go Force One, and some post processing analysis work I did.

Air Force One + GoPro = Go Force One. Here are some notes about the beast:

1. You must fly it a lot to get usable footage.
2. It is designed to break. The wings fall off after every flight. The tail section broke on the very first flight. Buy some epoxy for those wounds.
3. Wind is killer. In pretty much all of the flights that do not go relatively straight, the wind can be blamed (to a certain degree).
4.It surprising flew better when the GoPro was mounted on it.
5. We found that it really did not matter what the angle of the rear elevator was. We did however fly 95% of our shots with it in a more aggressive down angle (so it flies up)
6. Buy epoxy
7. Have fun

Here is the glider I used: skygeek.com/gui2000.html

I'd really enjoy hearing your input, ideas and criticism. Try a different glider, or try a different camera? Maybe put a little motor on it? Or no motor but just R/C controls?


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