I made this film with my friend Rich Cornell in 2009 for the Minnesota Historical Society's "1968 Project" film festival.

Dr. James P. Shannon was a high-profile young Bishop in 1968 -- a national media spokesman for the Catholic Church in the U.S. Many thought he was on the fast track to a high-level job at the Vatican -- until Pope Paul VI issued his "Humanae Vitae" encyclical, which outlawed all types of birth control for Catholics.

Shannon felt he could not, in good conscious, counsel parishioners about this subject if he disagreed with the official position of the Church, and chose to resign his position.

This film is about that difficult decision and its aftermath, as told by people who knew Shannon and by Shannon himself, with footage from a 1999 speech generously provided by Mike Hazard. Rich and I received honorable mention at the 2009 "1968 Project" Film Festival.

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