ZNN (Zacuto NAB News) ~ Epic video of NAB 2011 by reporter and BTS Cameraman Edi Schneider. Special appearances by The Bui Brothers, Jared Abrams, Philip Bloom, Paul Schneider, Vincent Laforet (with his FrankenRig + Z-Finder EVF), "The Guilmetty" (TomGuilmette.com), Sebastian Wiegartner, Tej Babra, Eric Kessler, EMMY, Jens Bogehegn, Zacuto Elma, Garrett Brown (inventor of the Steadicam), Rodney Charters, ASC (TV Series: 24), Curt von Badinski, Stu Maschwitz, Bradley Davis, James Allred, Joseph Stunzi, Brian Lane, Neb Solomon, Scott Lynch, Robert Primes ASC, Nino Leitner, Kendal Miller, Matthew Jeppsen, Dan Chung and Eduard "Edi" Schneider.

Special Guest Stars: Z-Finder EVF + Zacuto's Scorpion Rig + Kessler Crane + SCCE: "The Great Camera Shootout 2011" Screening Booth! Also Featured ~ [ NAB Wrestling ] Steve Weiss and El Skid (Robin Schmidt) take it down to the NAB Floor in the 1ST round of wrestling matches during the convention. ROUND 2 (1:35 mark) it's Bloom vs Weiss (yes, they do fight like girls).

Shot and Edited by Eduard Schneider of Schneider Productions. Graphics & Animation by Emil Stezar, Lorand Toth, Alexandru "Dexter" Manea, Alex Vlad, & Sorin Anca. Voiceover Phillip Sacremento.

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