Reward on Moozar : Reward on Moozar : Buy this album (feat. Victor & me!) at for only $9.99 and help the innocent people in Libya caught up in the crisis there. Among the other great tracks is a wonderful song from the legendary Larry Norman! PLEASE SHARE :)


1.Ben-David Gilman - Crossfire
2.Victor Stranges - When The Morning Comes
3.Aria Anaforian - Time For Love
4.Parfait - So Do I
5.SAMM - We Are All The Same
6.Staci Frenes - 101 Ways
7.Isaac Sturtevant - Pigs On A Wire
8.Laura McGreevey - Humanity
9.Mike Hohnholz - Forgiven My Friend
10.Larry Norman - Righteous Rocker #1
11.Vera - The Painting
12.Tray Michaels - Run
13.DC Cardwell - Peace And Love
14.Enric Sifa - Stay Here
15.John Fischer - Matthew's Blues
16.Liana Stone - That Blessed Curse
17.Shane Simonsen - Fame Light
18.Samuel Joseph Kim - All Around You

Here's some more info from the website:

The situation in Libya is becoming increasingly unstable as the conflict rages on. Forgotten in the headlines and political rhetoric are the thousands of people who are innocent victims of the war. The Humanitarian International Services Group is committed to serving the needs of these people who are caught in a terrifying crossfire.

HISG has an opportunity to purchase 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs) of flour in Egypt and transport the flour over the border into Libya to supply local bakeries. By empowering the local bakers instead of simply handing out loaves of bread, HISG is allowing the local businesses to lead the way in a very turbulent time. Also, producing the bread locally bread will rebuild the citizens' confidence in their community, in addition to alleviating a looming food shortage.

This is short term solution that is sustainable for the long-term recovery of the nation.

Estimated cost: $30k (US)

HISG is about connecting resources to needs.

All proceeds from the downloads of this album will go directly to HISG and their work in Libya.

HISG does this work on less than 10% admin costs.

For more info on HISG, please visit their website at: as well as to receive updates on the progress of this campaign.

* please note - Bandcamp and PayPal do take a small percentage off each transaction. All other funds go directly to HISG.

* It is important to us to be transparent, accountable, and clear with our objectives, how we are spending the funds, and what was accomplished. Please visit the HISG website to follow their progress on this campaign.
released 05 April 2011
Co-producers Gunnar Simonsen & Tim Gilman

Follow us online at -

Follow HISG online at -

Project concept - Gunnar Simonsen
Cover design - Tim Gilman

Media PR - Biscuit Media Group (Nashville, TN)

Find out more about DC Cardwell at
& Victor Stranges at

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