Some relaxed Sunday flying on Copacabana beach.

The beach is easy accessible, the car parks are 50m from the sand, but even on a sunny Sunday, there arent too many people around.

The wind was about 10 knots straight from SE, thats pretty much the sweet spot for this location. Due to the shape of the beach, anything from E to SSE will work, but SE will produce lift everywhere.

The plane is an Alula Evo, filled with two HXT-900 servos, a RX500 receiver, the 300mah stock battery pack, two 2 AU$ coins beside the battery, and 7g of lead in the nose. Its also sporting a decent amount of fiberglass tape and hot glue, so its a tad on the heavy side..
The transmitter is an Airtronics RDS8000, which has a lot of features you dont need for this plane. The essentials are elevon mixing and exponential. Im using about 40% expo on both channels.
The main controls are on the right stick, but the throttle is used for trimming, and the rudder is mixed to the ailerons to keep control on the left hand when launching.

The camera is a V.I.O POV.HD, the head is magneted to a basecap, and the recorder sits in the chest harness. The recording settings are 1080p30, at highest quality level, which pumps about 15 Mb/s onto the SD card.

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