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Shot by Brandon Sloan, Written and Directed by Prince Ea

I knew she was a freak but to me, she was special//
She told me she was clean so don't worry bout protection//
I ain't wanna see her leave so I aint even ask questions//
Plus I told her I was out of rubbers, I wasnt, I knew I had a fresh box in that dresser//
Funny how life's lessons can change you in an instant!//
Sitting in that clinic thinking: "Why I go up in it?' //
Was it passion? Don't matter, she Burnt me, u think I'm stupid to admit it?//
No Im blessed cuz... what if that test came back a little different?//
Forgive me for confessin whats in my head right now But did you feel that?//
Thats real rap, go and fetch my crown I kill tracks go and check my files//
I gave a lot of rappers the game let em' select my style and now they all sound just like vowels//
Ay Ea I owe you (AEIOU), yeah thats 'Y' they sound just like vowels//
step right down if you want the truth about living large//
nothin wrong with lamping in mansions or handling expensive cars//
but to me, living large is being smart, being safe and seeing that bigger picture//
Thats the gold standard, and living large is how im living//

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