This video was filmed from various points around an abandoned amusement park in the north of Japan.

To be honest the whole video was sort of made in a rush, I only found out about this place in the morning and went to see it that same day. I filmed as I walked around the first time so you will be exploring this just as I did. There are plenty of mistakes in the video such as me calling the place by about three different names and calling the ferris wheel a merry-go-round?!

Anyway I didn't have the time to re-shoot any of the videos and thought I would just stitch them together and upload them. I am still very new to video filming and editing (As I am sure you can tell) so pretty much everything is me testing, from the tacky intro and outro text to the mic work.

However that said I am very keen to hear what people have to say, positive or negative, tips and help. So please do comment. Also if you want any information about the video then feel free to ask, I will help as best I can.

Camera - Sony Alpha a55
Lens - Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
Mic - Audio Technica ATR3350

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