Winner Best Dramatic Short, Long Island Film Festival

Charlie nervously prepares to meet with his accountant while a mother & father franticly search the streets for their missing daughter. As the parents sink deeper into desperation, Charlie soon discovers that he is financially destitute. Devastated, a delusional Charlie drifts into an empty playground where at the darkest hour he stares down the gallows.

Written, Directed & Produced by Michael Indjeian.
Shot by Michael Sita, Edited by Brian DiLeo

Please visit: for an in-depth analysis in the making of LUCKY DAY. With access to everything used in the actual production: script, on-camera casting, storyboards, scouting, production tactics, etc. This is a very insightful look at what it takes to make an Award-Winning Film.

Courtesy & Property of Giddy Productions

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