Black Swan breaks ground with its newest creation – bringing to life the power of the new ASUS computer system.

Info: Black Swan was given the opportunity to work with MRM in creating an integrated brand campaign for ASUS computers. Looking to appeal to gamers, we created a story and accompanying visuals set in a sci-fi genre. Asus is a unique and interesting brand in that they create top-of-their class gaming machines, but unfortunately don’t have the brand recognition many of their competitors do. Being a big gamer himself, Nick Losq jumped on the opportunity to lead the team in not only showcasing these beastly gaming laptops, but futher expose and enhance the brand to the public with a mind-blowing visual presentation.

Black swan created a new integrated pipeline for this project and were able to deliver web animations, still images as well as a 60sec story driven commercial, all in the production schedule that would normally be reserved for a 60 second commercial. This new integrated pipeline allowed us to maximize the assets for the multiple broadcast streams.

Nick "Although challenging, this project was a lot of fun for our team. Being able to help promote such a killer product, blending so many mediums showcasing many of our artists passions, made it a satisfying project for every member of our team. Plus I have always wanted to do a project with giant robots composed of energy…. so we did, and It was awesome."

A special thanks to all our friends at MRM for being such great collaborators on this project.

Credit List:
Agency: MRM Worldwide/CA
Art Director: Joey Lu
Copywriter: Josh Finderup
Creative Director: Rob Alley
ACD: Robert Konves
Producer: David Cunningham
Visual Production: Black Swan
MD/Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Director: Nick Losq
Creative Directors: Bradley G Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant
Director of Photography: John Allardice
VFX Supervisor: Chris Clyne
Lead 3D: Nick Losq, Chris Clyne
Lead 3D Animation: Kiel Figgins
UI Design & Animation: Jake Sargeant
Editorial: Bradley G Munkowitz
Composite: Bradley G Munkowitz, Chad Howitt
Concept Artists: Nick Losq, Magnus Rex, Chelsea Douglas
Sound Design: SoundsRED

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