We can say thanks to the sponsors of the 2008 Mountain Workshops, but that wouldn’t be enough.
Through your generosity the workshops are able to tell unique stories. Those unique stories teach the participants, but they also give the community a mirror in which to see how things were in those brief moments when we were here.

Without your support, the brief moments that will reflect life of this community would be blank. Without your support, the workshops would not happen. Without your support, the lessons would go untaught.

But, with your support we are able to tell stories and to say thanks would not be enough no matter how many times it was said.
Still, perhaps the greatest thank you we can give is what we produce here at the workshop, honoring the lives of our citizens and changing the lives of our students. Before the first photo was taken, the first bit of video shot, and the first words were written, you were here to make sure we were able to get off the ground.

We hope you can take pride in knowing your contributions are what fuels the workshops and the lives which are subsequently changed.

So thank you from all of us.

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