Quonset Digital is a small web label which up until just recently, offered digital-only content to listeners. Last month, we released a limited-edition, repeating-program cassette version of Quonset Slut's self-titled debut LP (for Distance Recordings). With almost all copies already sold, we'd like to continue to offer physical versions of Quonset Digital releases.

The aim is to make professionally printed and duplicated CD versions of the following 4 albums:

Risque Bouquet - Color (QD02)
Ted James - +†+ (QD03)
Ted James - Recordings for Ensoniq Fizmo (QD05 Unreleased)
Ted James - Warren's Relics (QD06 Unreleased)

Quantities of these discs will be limited to 25 copies each and available for sale individually on Quonset Digital. A portion of these discs will be used to make an extra-special 4-disc, handmade box-set available only to Kickstarter backers.

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