Kin were approached by de-construct to help them realise an interactive in-store promotion for Tommy Hilfiger. To coincide with their new campaign ‘My Denim, My Music’, Tommy Hilfiger’s aim was to fuse fashion and music: both in their external advertising and through in-store promotions. de-construct’s brief to us was simple – make the jeans play music.
We created a number of concepts, ranging from interactive window displays to musical changing rooms. The final chosen route was a large-scale interactive audiocassette, to work as an in-store point of sale unit. 5 new styles of jeans were chosen, and a unique soundtrack was composed for each one by The Skinner Bros. A specifically designed sticker on each pair of jeans instructs the customer to swipe the jeans against the giant cassette to ‘release the music’.
We used pre-programmed RFID tags that were placed behind the stickers. An RFID reader mounted inside the cassette reads the unique tag number which in turn is relayed to a bespoke piece of software running on a Mac Mini in the base of the unit. The Mac is then connected to a car audio amplifier, subwoofer and speakers – the speakers being mounted in the spool holes of the cassette.
The result was a surprise to a lot of customers – taking an inanimate object and bringing it to life by making it play music. And from our perspective, creating a purely audio based interactive with no screen was a refreshing change.

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