at our first flick
we went all the way up the hill
where a group of skateboarders from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Opened up our eyes for an endless of possibilities provided by
peaks and valleys from the sea of mountains they call it home.

Now Caio and Max have decided it was definitely time to go
and explore some new horizons of this beautiful motherland that we tread on.
You might be thinking it would be quite hard to decide where to start...
well, maybe not
and just like a river runs to the sea
they rushed up to take a dip in the nearest coastline.
Speeding up and sliding along the path
we couldn't miss a chance to shoot this new adventure
an invitation to you have a quick look
in all the beauty they've found

Marcelo Neto
Marcelo Neto
Raphael Garone
Hugo Haddad

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