Part 1 of 2 - Every October each department in my company dresses up their area for Halloween and competes against the other departments. In 2003 my department created an insane asylum among the cubicles. We won "Best of Show" for that year. The video quality is poor because I took it with my still digital camera's video feature (and their was very low light levels).

The storyline:

A nurse greets each group of "new patients" as they are checked into the asylum. They are given a quick tour of the facilities before being shown to their rooms. The first area after entering the building is the security area. The security guard could monitor all activities via video cameras. Being shown on the monitor are scenes of Dr. Tab's Surgery and, voyeuristically, the security guard often watches the nurses as well. Working in an insane asylum has it's drawbacks and unfortunately the guard on duty has cut off his own head with a butcher's knife.

In the next area the tour sees many of the inmates/patients in a waiting room area, hitting each other, playing games or watching TV (which only has snowy static on it). Weird music is heard making the new patients feel uneasy. Some patients just rock back and forth, one quietly sits in a corner petting hit pet rat.

The new patients follow the nurse through a door and into a long black hallway only to pass through another door to find themselves in Dr. Tab's surgery. He is currently operating on a patient. You can see the patient's belly has been cut open and his guts a coming out. Wait, is this patient still awake?

The nurse tells each patient to take their meds to calm them down. Once this is done they are told to follow the hallway to their rooms on their own. Someone will be in shortly to take care of them. The medication must be very strong because the music in their heads is getting weirder and the lights start flashing on and off very quickly. The hallway is difficult to maneuver as there are many things bouncing off of the patients...[or at least this was supposed to happen. We used about 100 balloons hanging from the ceiling to simulate the body bag thing I was so creeped out by at Knott's Scary Farm. However almost everyone just ducked and walked under the balloons down the entire hallway instead of walking through them. But, at the very end as they stood back up they would end up face to face with a very scary looking old vampire dude.]

The meds are really in high gear now as the next room is full of brightly glowing dots. Suddenly a man covered in dots pops right out of the wall. He must have been standing there the entire time.

As the patients duck to go through the next door (are the doors getting smaller or am I getting bigger?) a patient with giant eyes and a weird stare greets them. It's a bit of a shock. A sign tells us that we are heading towards the "shrink" and on the smallest door yet it says, "Dr. Nudds, Psychiatrist," but someone has crossed out the D's and put T's instead.

The patients pass through another long dark hallway and the music gets creepier. The patients see flashing lights coming from a window. When they get to the window they see a man in a white padded room bouncing off the walls and begging them to help him. But they continue on, seeing an exit sign. This is the only way to escape Dr. Tab's evil asylum!

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