Spinnerbaits have a history of being difficult to store because their wire frames, skirts, blades and bulky heads run the gamut in sizes, shapes and colors. With that said, Plano® has always been the leader in spinnerbait storage options and the company is at it again.

The company’s FTO Elite storage systems are for anglers who take fishing to the extreme, so the products in this lineup sport the finest in features and materials and use FTO Elite’s patented technology to the fullest extent.

New to the FTO Elite™ series for 2011 are three boxes designed specifically for spinnerbaits that match up perfectly to the sizes and types of see-through organizers many anglers already prefer for crankbaits and soft plastics, and that they use in their boat lockers and soft-sided bags. The new models are FTO 3707-04, 3707-05 and 3607-04.

The FTO 3707-04 features Plano’s popular 3700 series footprint and incorporates an innovative design to accommodate up to 39 spinnerbaits so that each is easy to spot and access. Baits are situated with heads and hooks against the box’s bottom and with their line ties up. Then, by compressing the blade arm down until it fits into a notch in the divider walls, each spinnerbait is securely held in place under the “spring” tension of its own wire frame.

FTO Elite organizer Model 3707-05 is the same size as the above box, but has one end specially designed to accommodate buzzbaits, whereas the rest of the box is for spinnerbaits. By using all of its spaces, this 3700-style box will hold as many as 26 spinnerbaits and 13 buzzbaits.

For anglers who prefer Plano’s 3600-size boxes, there’s the FTO Elite spinnerbait box Model 3607-04. The smaller footprint still offers great storage versatility for a good selection of the bladed lures, holding up to 18 spinnerbaits.

All of the FTO Elite organizers feature Plano’s proven expertise in injection-molded construction. The lids are closed tight and securely with two positive-locking latches in the front. And like all FTO Elite utility boxes, these new spinnerbait boxes can be stored flat or on edge, making for easy identification as to what’s inside whether on the garage shelf, in a boat locker or used with any of Plano’s many tackle storage platforms.

Every angler who has ever tossed a crankbait knows the frustration of grabbing one from a tacklebox and having six or seven others come along with it. That’s exactly why Plano® has introduced its new FTO Elite™ system of crankbait organizers, and the description for them sounds somewhat like one of those shampoo TV commercials – “no more tangles, no more mess.”

The four new models of FTO Elite crankbait boxes feature patented technology specific to the FTO Elite series and are designed to accommodate today’s most popular crankbait models in an orderly, easy-to-reference manner according to crankbait size.

For large crankbaits, there’s Model FTO 3707-08. It’s a 3700-series footprint that holds up to 22 crankbaits of the big body, large bill sizes. They are stored in two horizontal rows running the length of the box.

There are two options in this series for medium-sized crankbaits. Model FTO 3707-07 is the larger choice, taking full advantage of a 3700-style configuration. The box holds up to 22 medium crankbaits, organizing them in six horizontal rows.

Model FTO 3607-07 uses the more compact 3600-series footprint, yet still holds as many a 16 medium-sized crankbaits in two horizontal rows along its length.

For small crankbaits, Model FTO 3607-06 is the ideal box to offer both a substantial selection and to keep these little tangle-with-everything baits in an orderly fashion. This box holds up to 20 small crankbaits.

All four of the FTO Elite crankbait organizers feature Plano’s durable injection-molded construction, with 360-degree visibility as to what’s inside and where. Their lids close tightly thanks to two positive-locking latches along their fronts.

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