In this video: good gunfighter stance.

Good shooting stance mimics a boxers stance, with shoulders slightly forward and your core tight. Keep your arms bent slightly at the elbow, your whole body fluid. All of your guns (pistols, rifle, and shotgun) should be shot with the same stance. When you stand erect or with your shoulders slightly back then you have far less control over your shots.

When shooting gunfighter, keep your pistols close together so that your eye can switch easily from gun to gun. Cant each gun in toward each other slightly so that your sights are closer together. When first starting out in gunfighter, choose a gun to lead with. Eventually, being comfortable with switching leads will be ideal for versatility, but while learning gunfighter just keep it basic.

As you are pulling the trigger on one gun, cock the opposite gun at the same time. This can save you a significant amount of time on the time clock. Note: some shooters like to cock both pistols at the same time. It's better to stay away from this method since there will be stages on occasion where you are only shooting five pistol shots at a time. If you double cock accidentally there will be a round that you have to fire (and take a penalty).

When dry fire practicing, you can load your pistols with snap caps. Snap caps absorb the shock on your firing pins so that you are not putting excessive wear on your equipment. These are easily found online or at your local gun store.

You don't need any special occasion or place to dry fire practice with your pistols. You can even dry fire practice while you are watching TV. Practice builds your muscle memory and speed!

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