Almost fifteen years ago, after the first research reports conducted by the government of Northern Rhyne-Westphalia were published, creative industries began to receive official support. These first reports did not stress financial support but rather the need to improve the infrastructure, e.g. to increase the quality of education and the cooperation with chambers of commerce, etc. These reports were subsequently produced every two years and were evolving over the time. The government adopted new measures on their bases. In 2008 the Government set up funds and companies could compete to receive financial support from them. They could win funds for example to set a development centre for computer games or for the production or distribution of films. In parallel with this, the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 project also started to support creative industries in three ways:

- through a sectorial approach,
- through development support, and
- through communication and a web TV.

These three elements reinforce one another. For example, if a film festival is organised in an unused church, it will be able to attract new investment and more attention, if it will be promoted on the TV and internet. RUHR.2010 helped them not just with getting the space, but also with the publicity and innovative ideas. The approach depends of course on the given industry, however it need not be expensive. The most important is to set up systems of cooperation, that’s more important than money.

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