Very foggy night in South Kingstown, RI, Apr 23, 2011. Easter Egg Hunt via flashlight. Kids gathered plastic eggs full of candy. The Song is "I Want Candy" which our daughter Janice requested since a different version was in the movie "Hop".

Shot all handheld with Hacked Panasonic GH1 with the lpowell peak performance patch and the kit 14-140 mm lens. Shot in 1080/24p inside the 60i wrapper. Pulldown removed using Neoview 5 from Cineform.

You'll notice that the focus pulls in and out since I was manually refocusing every so often, or, just pressing the shutter to force a refocus. Annoying, I know...but, hey, I'm not a pro.

I see some fixed pattern noise towards the end of the clip that looks like vertical bands. But...this clip was mostly shot in Auto Exposure, (so that it would be possible to use ISO 3200....I can't find anyway to get above ISO 1600 in the Manual movie mode...but, you *can* get ISO 3200 in Auto Exposure...)

I'm not too concerned about the vertical banding after about 4:00 considering this was shot using ISO 3200, and that the lens only has an aperture of 4.0 to 5.8 (depending on focal length), so..I think the GH1 did OK for such low light scenes?

Someday, I hope to have a FAST prime lens to try out, but, I'm just a papa capturing some moments from his daughter's life, so...I don't have every lens I'd like to have. In fact...I just have this ONE kit lens (the 14-140 mm). It's great in daylight...not so great in low light.

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