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The Battlecreek Cross race was part of a new OBRA-sanctioned cyclocross series based in the Willamette Valley, on Saturday, November 8, 2008. The rain hammered riders for most of the day and I did my best to capture the day and paint a picture of how it all went down.

This was my first effort with my HV30 and Letus 35mini that I got a few days before the race. I think I shot too much of the day in too shallow of a DOF (1.8-2.8), but I'm still happy with how the first shoot came out, especially since it was pouring most of the day, and I had a crazy jury-rigged umbrella contraption to keep me dry.

I also used a homemade 35mm adapter support rig since I didn't realize at the time I'd need one to hold my adapter and lens securely on my tripod. You can see the pics I posted of the adapter support and umbrella rig on the day of the race in this thread:


Gear: HV30, Letus 35mini, Nikkor 85mm 1.8, Bogen legs and head, homemade support rails.

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