Saturday morning began early. Alessio Natalizia, better known as Banjo or Freakout, and his tour mates Eric Feigenbaum and John Barrett had just rolled through the Satellite the night before, and were getting on the road to S.F. earlier than most touring bands can motivate with that jaunt.

There's a couple of interesting bits to know about our early morning meet-up: For one, I had never met them. Never had talked to them. I didn't even know if they knew what they were showing up for at Los Feliz's Barnsdall Art Park!

Secondly, Alessio and company didn't have any instruments. The difficulty and expense of bringing gear over from London (where Alessio is from) forced the trio to rely on their tour mates, Papercuts, for equipment. Not a rare occurrence by any means, but this meant I had to round up a couple guitars and a drum to make this thing happen!

With all this going on, I was kind of nervous for them to show up. Not to mention, I was setting up in a fenced-off part of the park decorated with gang graffiti. But, Alessio, Eric, and John rolled up on time, smiled and joked around with us, and played the beautiful *I Don't Want to Start All Over Again* from their newest self-titled release. It was pretty amazing.

Banjo or Freakout is...
Alessio Natalizia // Vocals and Guitar
Eric Feigenbaum // Guitar
John Barrett // Percussion

Special thanks to...
Force Field PR
Rhonda Anjelly (photographer)
Allison Antonowicz

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