Actors' Theatre
Michael O'Rourke, Producing Artistic Director

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Mark Fitzgibbons
Original songs by Hal Fertig and Kent Harrison

September 1991
Minshall Playhouse
Talent, OR

"Considering the size of the theatre, you first wonder how the French Revolution could possibly find enough room, but director O'Rourke is also the man who brought "Amadeus" to the tiny stage at the Miracle on Main, and the question is solved . . . 12 actors portray 26 characters in 17 settings, from the DeFarge Wine Shop to the Bastille to the Paris Revolutionary Office . . . The action is fast and furious . . . the acting and staging excellent."

--Nick Wiesinger, Sneak Preview

"[The] playing space has been totally revised - the main action taking place on a square in the center of the theater, with spectators arranged in solid bleachers - and the cast [of 12] at times joining the audience . . . doubling and tripling, they lend a volatile progression to the play . . . Several songs, notably "Sadly the Sun Does Rise" fall into the raucous Brecht-Weill mode and are tremendously effective . . . When [Geoffrey Riley's Sidney Carton ] began to sing the famous "It Is a Far Better Thing I Do" I was momentarily appalled - but it works. One of the most moving and terrifying scenes - the assassination of the Marquis St. Evremonde is intensified by the song "The Gorgon Head." It is sung by a quartet of performers who hold high the canopy of the bed in which the evil marquis is finally stabbed to death. The ultimate effect is horrifyingly real . . . [The play] runs three action packed hours that seem less."

--Karl Barron, Ashland Tidings

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