The 5 Peaks is a ski mountaineering race, or randonee, or rando, or uphill/downhill (whatever you want to call it) held in Breckenridge, CO. This was the 2nd year for it, and while down low it was a great weather day, up high, above treeline, where the race went on a couple occasions, it was really a windy screamer.
You have to do this race with a teammate, and that sets it apart from most other races out there.
I shot this all with a Canon 7D, and my go to lens, a Sigma 24-70 2.8. Both held up awesomely in the crazy mountain weather.
It was a little tricky staying ahead of the leaders. This is my home resort, and I know the shortcuts, but I did most of the travel under my own power, and was really hustling to get where I needed to be. I did miss the winners coming across the finish line however. I was planning on being there in time, I thought there was one more major climb they had to do, but no. In fact, the first 5 teams thought there was another climb to do.
Agh, whattya gonna do, such is life of an on the fly documentation of a fast, live event like this.

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